Advantages of Mulching

There are many benefits of forestry mulching. With forestry mulching, Premier Land Worx is able to use specialized equipment to clear lots of unwanted vegetation while leaving what larger trees or bushes the landowner wants using fewer pieces of equipment, in less time and potentially cutting down on erosion or other unwanted environmental issues present with clear-cutting a property or using larger more involved bulldozers.

This can help with decreasing runoff around lake lots, creeks, trails or in residential lots where erosion and runoff can be very detrimental.

The benefits of forestry mulching also include redistribution of the vegetation’s nutrients back into the soil and not increasing the carbon footprint of having to truck the removed vegetation and debris from the site to a disposal point or landfill site offsite.  In some cases, Premier Land Worx can come in with one piece of equipment and mulch up the vegetation on-site and not have to truck any remaining debris offsite.

There are many benefits of forestry mulching